Welcome to AAA Medical Billing Service and Software

Altapoint software is a full service software. It is a complete software that can take each claim from the office visit completely through the claims processing and posting of payments. Altapoint has a multitude of reports so you always know right where your practice stands. We have been using Altapoint in our office since 2002. We also can give you the ability to log in to our server at specific times to view your patient billing records.

Kareo Practice Management software is another software we have been using since 2012. The software is easy to use and is complete from processing claims through the posting of all transactions to the patient billing, if needed, completing the billing cycle. The best part is the reasonable monthly subscription and all work is saved off site so your files are very secure.

We are also open to using your software, if internet based so we could log in. That would give you the ability of having hands on with your patients billing records in your own software. Our staff can learn and adapt very quickly to a wide range of software.