Ways Our Medical Billing Service Can Help Your Practice Operate Efficiently

Full Practice Management – By either fax or secure email, we can prevent the need for any paper to leave your office. We can process your medical claims and have them on their way to the payors within 24 hours, or in some cases the same day. We will handle all posting of insurance payments, private payments and co-pays, and we’ll bill patients for the balance if needed. Our two different software programs allow us to provide you with numerous different reports that can be customized to meet your needs. It is your preference which software you would like your practice process through.

Accounts ReceivableAAA Billing And Software is known for collecting on old insurance claims, whenever possible. We take your old claims very seriously, analyzing them, and resubmitting them for prompt payment. AAA Billing can greatly reduce old outstanding accounts receivable, putting cash in your pocket.

Our services cover a wide range beginning with electronic medical billing, covering the full reimbursement cycle. We can manage all your patient accounts, bill primary, secondary, tertiary, 3rd party, worker’s compensation billing, and patient balance billing. We will post and track all your accounts and provide you with monthly reports on the progress of your accounts. With our affordable fees, we are certain you will benefit with our service.

We specialize in Physical Therapy, Rural Health Clinics and General Practice, but have experience in all areas of medical billing. Our software is state of the art, with the latest technology for electronic claims submission and operating a medical practice, including electronic medical records making your office virtually paperless.

Contact us today and we will show you how we can save you money!